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eJoli aims to give you high quality, no fuss treatments, at affordable prices. 

Call us and visit us at eJoli in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, where your satisfaction is our sole aim.

Natural Makeup

Look refreshed

Wrinkle Relaxation Therapy 

We use original Allergan products with Botulinum Toxin A at a fantastic price.

3 Areas £210

Beautiful Women


Dermal Fillers 

Our wide range of best quality dermal filler from Allergan Vycross range and other high quality brands, would suit all needs.

From: £190

Smiling Redhead

Radiant Skin

Skin Hydroboosters and Peels

We specialise in different Skin treatments, from the noninvasive care to skin Hyaluronic acid skin boosters at great prices.

From: £250   

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Exclusive to eJoli

Medically Rated